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Shut Up & Write Session - All campuses

Shut Up & Write Session - All campuses

Dedicated Writing Time

A quiet library space where staff and PG students can simply write.

At 8am sharp, we begin writing in silence and stop 25 minutes later for a 5-10 min break. The break serves as an opportunity for the group to grab a drink, talk and clear their brain (get some perspective). We settle down again for another 25 minutes writing and then the session winds up.

So simple – but it works.

Where and When?

Coffs Harbour Campus Library: every Tuesday starting at 8-9am in the Coffs Library Lab

Gold Coast Campus Library: every Tuesday starting at 8-9am in the Group Study Room (Level 4)

Lismore Learning Centre: every Tuesday starting at 8-9am in the Manning Clark Room (Level 1)

What you’ll need: Bring your writing equipment: laptop, tablet, iPad, pen and paper.

No need to register, just turn up on the day!

From more information, please contact:  Library Research Group lrg@scu.edu.au

Tuesday 11 July 2017 Show more dates
8:00am - 9:00am
Manning Clark Room
All Campuses
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